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Top 3 Internet companies pay fines for Accepting Gaming advertisements

According to “Associated Press”, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have agreed to pay a total of $31.5 million to U.S authorities to settle a claim that they accepted online ads that promoting gambling in an illegal manner.
When settling the claim, the companies did not make an admission of guilt that they illegally accepted payments from online [...]

Experiment on Dutch TV program shows poker as a skill game

Early this January in the Netherlands a TV broadcast made an interesting experiment that proved, once and for all, that poker is truly a skill game, and not a game of chance that the Dutch government had mistaken it for.
The TV show, “Nieuwslicht”, which covers popular science issues mostly, had organized a large-scale poker tournament [...]

Video Poker

The history of poker is a matter of debate, and closely resembles the Persian game of “as nas” and may have been taught to settlers in New Orleans by Persian sailors. The name of the game is thought to have descended from the Irish Poca - Pron. Pokah - Pocket or even the French poque [...]

Blackjack background

Blackjack - also known by the names of Twenty-one, Vingt-et-un (French for Twenty-one), or Pontoon) has over the years become one of the most popular casino card games in the world. Blackjack’s popularity has come about due to a variable mix of chance together with elements of skill. The casino version of Blackjack should however [...]

Slot Machines

Slots Machines as we know them today are a descendant of the “Liberty Bell” which was created by Charles Frey in 1899. Charles Frey was a German immigrant who worked as a mechanic in Sam Francisco.
The Liberty Bell operated with three reels (metal hoops), and each of these reels had ten symbols placed [...]

Mobile Gambling – Our inspiration for mediocrity

What’s the deal with mobile gambling (meaning online casinos on cellular phones)? I mean, do people actually gamble on the train, while walking on the street or when attending important meetings?
I joined the industry on early 2002, as a marketing manager for a small but rapidly growing new online casino reviews company . Back then, [...]

Latest Germany Ruling

Early in February this year, an announcement was released that Germany is about to outlaw all online gambling activities, making it illegal to gamble and operate a gambling business in German territory. The press release stated clearly that “German authorities are targeting casino operators working from outside Germany and offering gambling service to German citizens”.
What [...]

Internet Casino Software – Providers overview

It’s a common economical fact that to save money, companies outsource services to third party specialists. For this reason, there are hundreds of Plasma & LCD screen brands but only a few panel manufacturers. In Internet casinos, there are hundreds of Italian online casino brands, but only a handful of casino software development companies.
Save a [...]

Creating Random Results For Casino Games – Is it really that simple?

Do virtual casinos throw real dice? Or are the numbers manipulated?
When people first started gambling online ,the most difficult thing for online casino operators was to convince future gamblers that the casino games are truly random, that the dice and roulette are not manipulated. Back then people were afraid that casinos manipulate the software to [...]

How To Choose Where To Play Online

When choosing your first (or next) Italian online casino, it is important to know which criterias you need to check in making the right choice. The goal is simple: Getting the most enjoyable casino experience in a pleasant, safe environment and hopefully winning a lot of money! So what should you look for?

Payment Method: Make [...]

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