Casino Software – then and now

The online casino software was enhanced significantly over the last several years. While video games are expected to improve and are improving at a phenomenal rate each year, it might come as a surprise that casino software developers are not resting either. When I first started downloading casino software and gambling online earlier this decade, few casinos offered a realistic, not to mention vivid and luxurious gaming experience. In fact, the biggest and most popular casino on the Internet, Casino On Net, offered a rather poor software with primitive graphics and only few games, even by those days’ standards. Competing software developing companies like PlayTech, Microgaming and RTG (Real Time Gaming) offered a superior gaming experience, both in graphics and in user interface.
Luckily for Casino On Net, they compensated for poor software with generous bonus offers and fast, accurate and reliable payouts for winning players.

Much has changed since. Nowadays, downloading a casino such as EuroGrand Casino, Casino Swiss or Casino Europa (all of which feature PlayTech software) leads to a different experience altogether. An involving, realistic and generally more fun play.

Offering a lot more in casino games on top the standard versions Blackjack, Slots or Roulette, players nowadays can enjoy dozens of slot machine themes, blackjack tables with different limits and even sophisticated casino brands which offer more than just a different website. Today, you can actually feel the “casino theme” when you play in an online casino. Downloading Eurogrand’s casino takes you to a magical realm of luxury, glamour and elegance. Golden Palace, however, offers a more cheerful, playful and younger theme which probably match their crazy TV advertisements. Just like most other computer games, the casino software gets better with age and offer a more intense experience with fewer (if any) bugs.

There has been improvement on the user interface as well. Today, every decent casino offers full support for Italian: From the website, through the software, to the customer support. Apart from the technological aspect, casino operators strive to improve their software on the “localization”, meaning: they want to adapt the casino brand to its target market. In our case: Italians. Therefore, not only localized brands are offered, which target specific regions and countries, but the software is designed to change accordingly as well. For example, casinos that are targeted for Chinese players will contain much more red and yellow colors than those which are customized for American players. Italian-targeted brands are no different. EuroGrand Casino features prestigious lobby and games graphics (a more detailed description can be found in CasinoInlinea.IT’s EuroGrand Casino Review).which are more suited to a classic European crowd. Americans, on other other hands, are attracted to more flashy and colorful designs.

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