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The importance of brand awareness of online casino operators

Earlier in the new millennium, just before the “web2″ trend began (years 2001-2003), the gambling industry displayed thousands of brands featuring different websites and slightly different promotions. But the technology behind them remained the same: They were powered by one of the few large software companies. Although brands were abundant, casino software wasn’t. As months [...]

Mobile Gambling – Our inspiration for mediocrity

What’s the deal with mobile gambling (meaning online casinos on cellular phones)? I mean, do people actually gamble on the train, while walking on the street or when attending important meetings?
I joined the industry on early 2002, as a marketing manager for a small but rapidly growing new online casino reviews company . Back then, [...]

Internet Casino Software – Providers overview

It’s a common economical fact that to save money, companies outsource services to third party specialists. For this reason, there are hundreds of Plasma & LCD screen brands but only a few panel manufacturers. In Internet casinos, there are hundreds of Italian online casino brands, but only a handful of casino software development companies.
Save a [...]

Creating Random Results For Casino Games – Is it really that simple?

Do virtual casinos throw real dice? Or are the numbers manipulated?
When people first started gambling online ,the most difficult thing for online casino operators was to convince future gamblers that the casino games are truly random, that the dice and roulette are not manipulated. Back then people were afraid that casinos manipulate the software to [...]

How To Choose Where To Play Online

When choosing your first (or next) Italian online casino, it is important to know which criterias you need to check in making the right choice. The goal is simple: Getting the most enjoyable casino experience in a pleasant, safe environment and hopefully winning a lot of money! So what should you look for?

Payment Method: Make [...]

Casino Software – then and now

The online casino software was enhanced significantly over the last several years. While video games are expected to improve and are improving at a phenomenal rate each year, it might come as a surprise that casino software developers are not resting either. When I first started downloading casino software and gambling online earlier this [...]