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Top 3 Internet companies pay fines for Accepting Gaming advertisements

According to “Associated Press”, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have agreed to pay a total of $31.5 million to U.S authorities to settle a claim that they accepted online ads that promoting gambling in an illegal manner.
When settling the claim, the companies did not make an admission of guilt that they illegally accepted payments from online [...]

Experiment on Dutch TV program shows poker as a skill game

Early this January in the Netherlands a TV broadcast made an interesting experiment that proved, once and for all, that poker is truly a skill game, and not a game of chance that the Dutch government had mistaken it for.
The TV show, “Nieuwslicht”, which covers popular science issues mostly, had organized a large-scale poker tournament [...]

Latest Germany Ruling

Early in February this year, an announcement was released that Germany is about to outlaw all online gambling activities, making it illegal to gamble and operate a gambling business in German territory. The press release stated clearly that “German authorities are targeting casino operators working from outside Germany and offering gambling service to German citizens”.
What [...]