Mobile Gambling – Our inspiration for mediocrity

What’s the deal with mobile gambling (meaning online casinos on cellular phones)? I mean, do people actually gamble on the train, while walking on the street or when attending important meetings?

I joined the industry on early 2002, as a marketing manager for a small but rapidly growing new online casino reviews company . Back then, everyone kept talking about mobile gambling as if it’s the next big thing. Just a few more months, and the technology should be mature enough to support reasonable quality games, they said. It’s funny because back then, color display phones were still considered rather prestigious. Not to mention “java” support. It took a lot longer than anticipated for the technology to mature and offer reasonable casino games.

But, still, I don’t understand the psyche behind mobile gambling. In our society, where every need must be satisfied NOW and quantity replaces quality, we prefer convenience over quality of service or applications. For example, instead of making mobile phones that last longer, have better reception and produce less radiation, they keep making fancy devices that have a million applications, all of which are mediocre in nature. A match-box sized device holds a “5 mega pixel camera” + “Stereo speakers” + “Internet access” + video playback capabilities + mp3 player. But they forgot to tell us that mega-pixels are the least important factor for a camera. Also, they forgot to tell us that “stereo sound” doesn’t mean anything if both speakers are at the same place. And why, on earth, would anyone want to watch a video on a 1″ sized screen? And who cares about the sound quality of the embedded mp3 player? All the applications are mediocre. But who cares, as long as they are present!

In other words, I just don’t understand why people prefer to gamble via their phones instead of waiting for a decent screen size and load their favorite casino software. It offers so much more!

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