Creating Random Results For Casino Games – Is it really that simple?

Do virtual casinos throw real dice? Or are the numbers manipulated?

When people first started gambling online ,the most difficult thing for online casino operators was to convince future gamblers that the casino games are truly random, that the dice and roulette are not manipulated. Back then people were afraid that casinos manipulate the software to produce non-random results for games in which randomness lies in their core. Indeed, it seemed very easy to create a casino software that discriminates players and makes them win less often.

Actually, mathematics shows that worried players had a point. While 99% of casino operators were looking for ways to prove that their software was unbiased and produced completely random results, creating random numbers is actually a very hard task for a computer. Why?

Computers’ world is one with complete logic and order. A computer can never execute a command it was not given, think for itself or have emotions. In the same fashion, a computer cannot come up with random numbers. Random numbers have no order, and this basic fact defies the way computers work. Algorithms and special software were invented to mimic randomness. What is a random number anyway?

A series of random numbers has no pattern or logic. In other words, it is impossible to predict the next number in the series of random numbers. Since computers have to be programmed how to create a list of numbers in advance, they must follow a certain pattern in creating the next number in a list and therefore can never really create random numbers.

In the last few decades, many mathematical and computer-science based studies have researched the phenomenon of random numbers and the advancement in creating software that mimic randomness has been huge. When online casinos first appeared, the technology for creating random numbers was advanced enough for casino usages.

A simple yet primitive example of solving the randomness issue is to use the computer’s inner clock. If we convert the time & date sequence to a single number (i.e. for December 10th 2008 at 19:30 the number would be: 200,812,101,930), we can get a new and unique number which was never used before, when creating a random formula. If the formula gets new values which are time dependent, then every minute they will change. Therefore, the formula would be able to produce new numbers which appear random with relatively high fidelity). However, what happens if we reset the clock or set it back a year or two? Will the “random” numbers re-appear in the same order? Probably yes.

How To Choose Where To Play Online

When choosing your first (or next) Italian online casino, it is important to know which criterias you need to check in making the right choice. The goal is simple: Getting the most enjoyable casino experience in a pleasant, safe environment and hopefully winning a lot of money! So what should you look for?

  1. Payment Method: Make sure the casino utilizes a payment method that you can use. Most casinos feature a wide variety of payment methods, ranging from simple Credit Card deposit, through a myriad of electronic wallets (Neteller, FirePay, eCash and more), to direct bank transfer. Before you decide to make a deposit, make sure you can withdraw funds using a method that you feel comfortable with. For example, the biggest electronic wallet, PayPal, allows users of almost all countries in the world to deposit money. However, withdrawals are limited to a short list of countries. The same may be true for other e-wallet solutions. Since the online casino market is very dynamic and fast evolving, new payment solutions pop up continuously and it’s always good to check new methods offered by casinos – some of them may be better suited to your needs than others.
  2. Casino Software: While there are thousands of casino brands world-wide, and many of them support Italian, only a handful of completely different software providers are available. This is actually a good thing. Less chances of software bugs or manipulation and better regulation by 3rd party companies. Click here for more information about casino software providers.
  3. Casino Theme: Playing at a casino should be an enjoyable and exciting experience. When you choose a spouse, you don’t just look at technical aspects such as their salary or academic degree. In exactly the same fashion, you should just a casino that appeals to you from outside as well. It can communicate elegance and prestige, playfulness and cheerfulness, sexiness, ancient civilization or any other theme. Choose the one that appeals to you the most. Chances are, the games graphics (especially slots) will match the overall theme too.
  4. Positive Testimonials – It’s always good to read what other users think about the casino. There are countless portals in English which are actually devoted to subjective casino reviews written by the websites’ authors or submitted by privet individuals. The easiest way to find interest-free information about a particular casino site is to search its name in Google. Some casinos even offer their own proprietary forums.

Bearing all the above in mind, don’t forget that playing in a casino should be fun and easy. Nowadays, most casinos offer a flawless experience. From software download to receiving your winning payments.

Winning at roulette online

How to win at roulette online? Roulette is one of the few casino games that actually has a 50-50 odds (almost) of winning if you place your chip on red or black. This fact gives you much better odds and a much more enjoyable experience. Although roulette is dominated largely by luck, it is the casino game in which the ‘house’ has the smallest advantage. Other games like online slots or blackjack are designed to give the casino an advantage over the player, hence making it very difficult to make real profit. In roulette, your chances are almost even. Therefore, by keeping your head cool and sticking to a certain strategy, you can become a winner relatively easily.

Winning at roulette online: The “big numbers” strategy:

Without going into unnecessary mathematical details, the basic working assumption when trying to win at roulette should be based on the statistical rule of “Big Numbers”, which means that on the long run – every number in the roulette has an equal chance of being hit by the ball. In other words, if the game of roulette is played indefinitely, every number (from 0 to 36) will appear the same amount of times.

How can this be used to build a successful online roulette playing strategy?
The statistical “big numbers” rule has an interesting meaning hidden inside it: If all numbers appear the same amount of time when the wheel spins an indefinite amount of time, then streaks of the same numbers will cause it NOT to appear for a relatively long while after, thus increasing your chance to predict future results.

  1. To use this probability theory to our advantage we should take the following steps:
  2. Only bet on colors (black & red). Not numbers.
  3. Wait for a streak of at least 4 of the same color.
  4. After the 4th hit of the same color, place a bet on the opposite color.

This strategy will significantly increase your chances to win, even though it might take you some more time, because such streaks take a little while to appear. However, just like any other game in gambling – patience is rewarded.

Casino Software – then and now

The online casino software was enhanced significantly over the last several years. While video games are expected to improve and are improving at a phenomenal rate each year, it might come as a surprise that casino software developers are not resting either. When I first started downloading casino software and gambling online earlier this decade, few casinos offered a realistic, not to mention vivid and luxurious gaming experience. In fact, the biggest and most popular casino on the Internet, Casino On Net, offered a rather poor software with primitive graphics and only few games, even by those days’ standards. Competing software developing companies like PlayTech, Microgaming and RTG (Real Time Gaming) offered a superior gaming experience, both in graphics and in user interface.
Luckily for Casino On Net, they compensated for poor software with generous bonus offers and fast, accurate and reliable payouts for winning players.

Much has changed since. Nowadays, downloading a casino such as EuroGrand Casino, Casino Swiss or Casino Europa (all of which feature PlayTech software) leads to a different experience altogether. An involving, realistic and generally more fun play.

Offering a lot more in casino games on top the standard versions Blackjack, Slots or Roulette, players nowadays can enjoy dozens of slot machine themes, blackjack tables with different limits and even sophisticated casino brands which offer more than just a different website. Today, you can actually feel the “casino theme” when you play in an online casino. Downloading Eurogrand’s casino takes you to a magical realm of luxury, glamour and elegance. Golden Palace, however, offers a more cheerful, playful and younger theme which probably match their crazy TV advertisements. Just like most other computer games, the casino software gets better with age and offer a more intense experience with fewer (if any) bugs.

There has been improvement on the user interface as well. Today, every decent casino offers full support for Italian: From the website, through the software, to the customer support. Apart from the technological aspect, casino operators strive to improve their software on the “localization”, meaning: they want to adapt the casino brand to its target market. In our case: Italians. Therefore, not only localized brands are offered, which target specific regions and countries, but the software is designed to change accordingly as well. For example, casinos that are targeted for Chinese players will contain much more red and yellow colors than those which are customized for American players. Italian-targeted brands are no different. EuroGrand Casino features prestigious lobby and games graphics (a more detailed description can be found in CasinoInlinea.IT’s EuroGrand Casino Review).which are more suited to a classic European crowd. Americans, on other other hands, are attracted to more flashy and colorful designs.

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