Slot Machines

Slots Machines as we know them today are a descendant of the “Liberty Bell” which was created by Charles Frey in 1899. Charles Frey was a German immigrant who worked as a mechanic in Sam Francisco.

The Liberty Bell operated with three reels (metal hoops), and each of these reels had ten symbols placed on them depicting the suits of playing cards. The Liberty Bell also contained an arm (lever) which was pulled to start the rolling motion – hence the name for One Arm Bandit. These reels would then stop sequentially which then awarded you should three symbols appear on the payline across all three reels.

In 1902 these machines were banned in their birthplace, including California and Nevada. In order to continue with the idea of having slot machine, which was a popular means of drawing customers, the manufacturers changed these machine from a cash spinner to giving rewards of free drinks and then later candy or gum.

Today Slots are certainly the ruling deities within the gambling fraternity. Slot Machines earn up to as much as seventy percent of all gross revenue, and on average take up just as much space at Casinos world wide both online and and based.

Slots Machines of present day generally offer unique bonuses, and in most cases have some awesome animations, sound and graphics which is continually updates by the software providers to these machines.

There are no known slots skills or strategies, but there is smart play. As a Slots player you need to understand that you are playing against a machine that has a built in number generator. Therefore it is imperative that for the man in the street make sure that he has a plan of action regarding his financial status and bankroll.

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