The importance of brand awareness of online casino operators

Earlier in the new millennium, just before the “web2″ trend began (years 2001-2003), the gambling industry displayed thousands of brands featuring different websites and slightly different promotions. But the technology behind them remained the same: They were powered by one of the few large software companies. Although brands were abundant, casino software wasn’t. As months and years went by and the online gambling industry matured alongside Internet commerce strategies, companies realized that brand recognition & awareness is the most valuable asset they can produce. Companies who once featured dozens of brands, scaled down to a single or very few brands. Brands like 888, Golden Palace and others were highly promoted in United States and Europe and earned world-wide recognition.
Just a few years ago, companies focused more on exciting new brands which offer unreal sign up bonuses. The feelings of security, credibility and integrity were less associated with any specific brand. This way of thinking resulted in a “brand flood”. It was difficult to differentiate real brands which had unique offers to many me-too copycat brands that were simply a different “skin” manifested in the form of a website design and nothing else. Many companies even offered free skins for Internet marketers as a means of luring them to spend more marketing money.

Today it’s different. The industry is maturing; companies realize that building a brand is a much more profitable marketing strategy than dispersing the marketing “power” over numerous brands. They realized that when people are exposed to the same brand for a certain period of time, they are more likely to remember its name and visit it directly at a later stage, and not necessarily as a result of clicking a banner advertisement.
Fewer brands mean more responsible company policies – better customer support, faster payments and more secure software. Companies who build their brand over the course of several years are less likely to jeopardize its reputation for lacking customer service.

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