Winning at roulette online

How to win at roulette online? Roulette is one of the few casino games that actually has a 50-50 odds (almost) of winning if you place your chip on red or black. This fact gives you much better odds and a much more enjoyable experience. Although roulette is dominated largely by luck, it is the casino game in which the ‘house’ has the smallest advantage. Other games like online slots or blackjack are designed to give the casino an advantage over the player, hence making it very difficult to make real profit. In roulette, your chances are almost even. Therefore, by keeping your head cool and sticking to a certain strategy, you can become a winner relatively easily.

Winning at roulette online: The “big numbers” strategy:

Without going into unnecessary mathematical details, the basic working assumption when trying to win at roulette should be based on the statistical rule of “Big Numbers”, which means that on the long run – every number in the roulette has an equal chance of being hit by the ball. In other words, if the game of roulette is played indefinitely, every number (from 0 to 36) will appear the same amount of times.

How can this be used to build a successful online roulette playing strategy?
The statistical “big numbers” rule has an interesting meaning hidden inside it: If all numbers appear the same amount of time when the wheel spins an indefinite amount of time, then streaks of the same numbers will cause it NOT to appear for a relatively long while after, thus increasing your chance to predict future results.

  1. To use this probability theory to our advantage we should take the following steps:
  2. Only bet on colors (black & red). Not numbers.
  3. Wait for a streak of at least 4 of the same color.
  4. After the 4th hit of the same color, place a bet on the opposite color.

This strategy will significantly increase your chances to win, even though it might take you some more time, because such streaks take a little while to appear. However, just like any other game in gambling – patience is rewarded.

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